One thing that Detroit has plenty of is unique street art. These shots consist of mostly of any interesting paintings and sculptures that we have found around the city.


The below shots are of a sculpture located near the Boston Edison Neighborhood. This whole thing is incredibly large and breathtaking when you see it in real person.



The two shots below were taken at the end of a 33 mile bike ride around the city. I have no idea where we were and if I had to return I would not be able to find them. But that’s part of the fun of adventuring around Detroit.



Riding our bikes through The Dequindre Cut a few weeks ago we saw this mural. It’s on the Eastern Market side of the trail. It’s really impressive and worth checking out.



Southwest Detroit.



This shot was taken on a corner in Hamtramck.



One of my favorite types of art is the decoration of abandoned houses. This one is near the Boston Edison neighborhood.



Building on Grand Blvd.



Entrance to Hamtramck.



Abandoned building in Corktown. This building was unique because it had a “like” us on facebook link on the front of it.



At this point I know that everyone knows what the Heidelburg Project is.

This is a part of it but the shot was too good to pass up.



The next 3 shots are from North End Studios. This building is huge and

the artwork on the side is incredibly impressive.